Porcel is located in the picturesque town of Oliveira do Bairro on the west coast of Portugal and specializes in the production of decorative porcelain. The Portuguese brand offers much more than a product, namely the concept, lifestyle, inspiration.

Thanks to the creative approach of its designers, Porcel produces unique tableware - serving dishes, tea saucers, cups, dessert plates, snack bars, soups, dinner sets (including for children) and much more.

The quality of Porcel porcelain is guaranteed by strict technological control throughout the entire production process. After forming from the ceramic mass, the products are first dried. Then the workpieces are fired at 1000 ° C, which gives them the necessary mechanical strength and porosity. The next step is glazing, and then the products are re-fired at even higher temperatures. Ready-made dishes are decorated using gold, platinum, paints or special stickers.