Milldue Arredi S.p.A. has been active since 1976 in the high-end bathroom furniture industry, an innate vocation that joins research, design, product and process innovation to its continuous commitment to new technical and stylistic solutions. Milldue boasts a range of 9 collections that stand out among different aspects of contemporary taste and are placed in various market segments.

Established as a producer of bathroom furniture, Milldue has, through the years, developed a creative philosophy of a living bathroom, and widened its activity to technical planning and designing of washbasins, bathtubs and showers in super-innovative materials, which suit refined and elegant furniture. The company has long had a rigorous production system with an intelligent gaze at the quality in every phase, combining Old World craftsmanship with cutting-edge technological industrial solutions in the sector; it directly manages the entire production cycle to give the customer a product that is a symbol of the excellence 100% Made in Italy.